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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why limit Detection Sessions to a maximum of 15 people?
    This is a purely ergonomic question, so that the QILPI Manager control interface is readable and practical to use. Our technology has no obstacle to managing a larger community, but we seek to offer you quality and performance in your daily use. In the context of using the QILPI application solely for the detection of verbal aggression and the sending of real-time alerts to your own team management interface, the number of people connected to the same detection session is unlimited.
  • Does the QILPI application respect privacy?
    Yes, QILPI technology is fully GDPR compliant. It perfectly anonymizes sounds: sounds are transcribed into metadata natively, without any registration or backup, no possibility to trace voices or conversations, tamper-proof system. The application simply detects a sound pattern that reflects anger, nervousness, verbal aggression: sudden increase in the sound level of the voice, acceleration of the syllabic rhythm.
  • Which smartphones or tablets are compatible with the QILPI application?
    The QILPI application currently only works on Android 10 and above. The majority of smartphone and tablet brands support QILPI very well: Android operating system 10 minimum adequate microphone quality We recommend the following brands: Crosscall Samsung Google Oneplus The QILPI application will be available on IOS in the coming months. Because the detection of verbal aggression is necessary for all communities.
  • How can I buy QILPI subscriptions?
    Simply by contacting our sales teams to define: . the desired uses, the constraints to be taken into account . the number of people and therefore subscriptions to the application to be considered . governance of the relationship: administrator Based on these elements, a commercial partnership can be established between us. And we will open a dedicated and secure customer area for you to administer and configure your uses. QILPI, the application that protects your mobile teams from verbal attacks. Thanks to QILPI, your smartphone becomes your guardian angel.
  • What is verbal aggression?
    Verbal aggression is characterized by an abrupt change in prosody, with a sudden rise in the human voice coupled with syllabic acceleration. It shows an emotion such as nervousness or anger. The vast majority of acts of violence begin with verbal aggression. Detecting it in real time by being able to curb it makes it possible to deal with the problem at the root. The QILPI application is the tool that allows it to be detected automatically (without a push button), in a universal way (regardless of the language). It alerts a Manager in real time, it geolocates the attacked, and allows a rescue team member to be assigned.
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